Hash.Pro Cloud Mining Top Questions

What is Hash.Pro?

Why choose Hash.Pro?

Isn't buying the hardware cheaper than hosted mining?

Which mining pool is the Hash.Pro using for mining?

What if there is a system downtime and power interruption?

How does the mining generate net profit?

What are the expected returns of mining?

When will the mining contract end?

How to calculate the daily net profit?

What is the maintenance fee?

When do I get mining revenue?

What causes the increase and decrease of my daily net profit?

When can I withdraw my mined profit and referral bonus?

What is the minimum withdraw amount?

Why does my hashpower decrease?

Why is the order status pending at My Orders?

Why is the status pending at my Account Detail?

Why is the status pending at my Withdraw History list?

Why is the status pending at My Bonus page?

Can I get a refund?

How can I change my email address?

I forgot my two-factor verification code, what should I do?

What is the Referral Program?

Hash.Pro Miner Top Questions

What is Miner?

What about security?

What is Hash.Pro Miner App?

What’s Hash.Pro Miner’s Revenue Model?

Does it cost me anything? (No)

What coins can the Hash.Pro Miner mine? Is it Bitcoin?

How much can I earn?

How do I withdraw and what is the minimum withdrawal limit?

How long does a withdrawal take?

Why isn't my GPU or CPU mining?

Why am I not reaching my expected profits?

Does Hash.Pro Miner auto-convert profits to bitcoin?

Can I choose what coins to mine?

Windows Defender - How to setup an exclusion for Hash.Pro Miner

Will Hash.Pro Miner harm my computer? (No)

Should I leave my computer runing a whole day to get mining revenue?

Why the daily return is not constant while I use the same equipement everyday?

Will my balance amount vary along with the fluctuation of Bitcoin price?

Can I refer friends?

Need more help?